[Tantivy Auto Parts Lecture] Common Fault Analysis and Solution for Auto Lamps

The headlights are the eyes of the car, and the failure of the headlights poses a great safety hazard to the daily driving safety. In general, the common faults of car lights are that the headlights are not lit,

The high beam is not lit, the low beam is not lit, the small light, the tail light and the instrument light are not lit. For different situations, we can take different measures for maintenance. Then, how?

Can we reduce or avoid the malfunction of the lights? Let’s take a look at the detailed introduction with Tantivy Auto Parts.

Causes and methods for problems with the lights

1. Night headlights are not bright
At night, the brightness of the headlights is not enough, which makes it impossible to drive on the road. The first thing to look at is whether the fuse is blown. If the far and low beam lights are off after the headlight switch is turned on, you should check first.

If the fuse box has a fuse blown, then check if there is any fault between the car light switch and the dimmer switch.
When the knife is used to screw the dimmer switch and the fire line respectively, and the screw dimmer switch fire line is respectively connected with the far and low-light binding posts, the lights are all bright, indicating that the dimmer switch has dropped;

If it is connected, it will be bright. The low beam is not bright. Then the fault is between the dimmer switch and the headlights or between the low beam lights. If the headlights high beam does not light, check the high beam indicator

Whether it is bright or not, then the fault should be between the terminal block and the headlights. If it is not lit, it indicates that there is a fault between the terminal block and the dimmer switch. If only one headlight is on, another

If it is not bright, it may be that the filament is blown or the wiring is broken, or the grounding is bad.

2. The bulb is often burned
The lamp of the size lamp is often blown during use. The reasons are: the voltage regulator is faulty, the voltage is too high; the battery wire is in poor contact, causing the generator

The no-load voltage is too high; there is a short circuit between the generator armature and the field coil. If the light switch is turned on and the lamp burns out immediately, check for any open circuit between the charging lines. Rujing

Always burn out the bulb and check if the generator voltage regulator voltage is adjusted too high.

3. The tail light is not bright
While the car is running, other lights work normally, only the tail light is not bright, the reason may be that the tail light filament is blown, the tail light is poorly grounded or the tail light line is broken. When checking,

The taillight bulb should be removed first to check if the filament is blown. If the filament is intact. Then use a test pencil or a screwdriver to scrape the taillights on the hot wire terminal. If there is no spark, mark it.

There is a break in the taillight line; find the break, connect the wire; if there is a spark, indicate that the tail light is poor.

4. Brake light is not bright
When the service brake is applied, the brake light of the car is not bright. The main reasons are: the filament is blown, the grounding is poor, the brake light switch is out of order, or there is an open circuit in the line.
When checking, first remove the brake light bulb. Check the night light. If the filament is intact. The brake lighter terminal can be used with a screwdriver or a wire while the brake pedal is being depressed.

Iron scraping: If there is fire, the brake light is not bright, indicating that the grounding iron is bad; if there is no fire, it may indicate that the brake light switch is out of order or the line has a broken circuit. Use a screwdriver or wire

The two terminals of the brake light switch are short-circuited; if the brake light is on, the brake light switch is faulty and should be replaced or repaired; if the brake light is still not lit, it indicates that there is an open circuit in the line.

Where, find out and then exclude.

5. The turn signal is not bright
Turn the left and right turn signal switches, the turn signal is not bright, the reason is that the power supply has a break in the flash line from the flash relay to the steering switch, or flash relay or turn

The switch is faulty.

How to avoid malfunction of the lights

1. Say no to poor quality lights
The “soul” of the headlight is its light bulb, and its performance will affect the effect of night lighting, which is directly related to driving safety. Poor quality bulbs have a short life span and cannot be guaranteed

The quality is determined, and the inferior bulb has insufficient brightness, inconsistent focus, and close range. When overtaking, it will cause the driver to have an optical illusion and is prone to accidents. Therefore, in self

When changing the headlights or the cause of the damage needs to be replaced, do not consider the inferior bulb. (Small series strongly recommend DPA brand lights, big brands, high quality)

The Audi A4 headlights deliver light and shine the world.
OE number: 8W0941043/8W0941044
Applicable models: Audi A417-18

DPA Audi A4 headlights
The core advantages of the DPA Audi A4 headlights:
1. In the material, the core parts of the headlight assembly are made of materials consistent with OE.
2. Housing and mask are produced and processed according to OE standard materials and processes.
3. The bulb adopts D5S, and the lens adopts matching factory and processing.
4. The minimum 1MM is achieved, the surface is smooth, the air tightness is good, the shape and size are stable, and the transfer package is completed in the constant temperature and humidity workshop.
5. Control the probability of headlight fogging within 0.5%

DPA Audi A4 headlights to protect your safe driving!

2. Daily maintenance should be done well
As with the need to change the oil filter during regular maintenance, the headlight bulbs need to be replaced regularly. Generally speaking, every 50,000 kilometers or 2 years, the brightness of the headlight bulb will be weakened. At this time, it is best to go to the 4S shop for a test. If there is a lack of brightness, then it is recommended to replace the bulb. Replace it to avoid different brightness on both sides.

Introduction to DPA:
DPA is a leading brand of automobile panels in the international aftermarket for all models of Skoda and Volkswagen, Audi and SEAT, and its products cover automotive exteriors and interiors, lamps, sheet metal parts, functional parts and so on, with the product categories exceeding 3,000, among which the products of lamps all hold the European E-mark Certification. The automobile panel system endorsed by DPA excels in product innovation, which is a product system most rapidly responding to new auto models and engaging in the research and development of aftermarket products.

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