How to distinguish the original and deputy factory auto parts? How to choose when repairing a car?

When it comes to the parts of the car, I believe that many owners have the same experience. When we go to repair or maintain the car, the maintenance staff will ask you “Do you want the original parts or the auxiliary parts?” Most car owners are hard to decide, so what are the differences between original parts, factory parts, and deputy parts? Today, Tantivy Auto Parts came to talk to friends about the auto parts.

Original auto parts
Literally, the original parts refer to the auto parts manufacturer or authorized to commission professional parts manufacturers to produce, the formal original auto parts work is perfect, basically the same as the original parts, no small flaws, appearance and The performance is consistent with the original components, and there is a professional certificate of conformity, along with the LOGO and part number of the original parts. In general, the original parts are mostly in 4S stores, which are the accessories that auto manufacturers provide for after-sales supply.

Deputy factory auto parts
The sub-factory accessories refer to those that have not been authorized by the original parts manufacturer. Generally, there are many manufacturers of such accessories, and the categories are more diverse. This has led to many sub-factory accessories with uneven quality on the market.
These accessories mainly mainly imitate the original accessories, the appearance is relatively similar, but the process is very different, and the price is ever-changing, compared with the original car accessories, the price is more affordable.
Car scrap
Of course, in addition to these accessories, there will be some accessories removed from the used car or scrap car. Although it belongs to the original accessories, it is called the scrap parts, but it has not undergone formal testing, and it is difficult to quality. Guarantee.
Of course, the biggest feature of scrap parts is cheap. Of course, if you understand and you will pick it, you can still get good goods. If you don’t have enough experience, the rookie will not go.
Pay attention to the quality of maintenance, you need to buy a friend with safety-related accessories, do not touch the car parts, the risk is still quite large.

How to choose accessories when going to repair the car?

1. When it comes to vehicle safety, try to choose the original factory parts.
Safety is definitely the first when driving. Such as: brake discs, brake systems, steering systems, powertrains, etc., these parts that are used frequently and relatively critical are not cheap, it is best to choose the original parts or the factory parts.
2, does not affect the safety of driving accessories, you can buy cheap
There is no impact on driving safety. What do you buy when you buy it, and you pay for it at a price. It doesn’t matter if you buy it cheaply. For example: front and rear bumpers, exterior trims, wipers, etc.
3, high copy must be very careful
High imitation parts are actually three no products, but the logo is exactly the same as the original factory, but it is relatively rough. This kind of product is actually a fake. Tantivy quietly tells you that you know Ha, nothing is guaranteed, and the price is low. Be careful.

After learning the above small car dry goods, I understand the difference between the original factory and the deputy factory parts. I hope that Tiandeqin Auto Parts can let the car owners avoid the difficult problems and avoid entering the pit if you still want to know more. About the purchase skills of auto parts, or want to know: how to prevent car pits when buying auto parts? Please continue to pay attention to the Tantivy Auto Parts website!

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