vika Electrical Fan

Elite products: vika Electrical Fan
Longer service life, more stable performance. Say “No” to vibration and noise!

1. Noise emission performance
De-noising design
The vika electrical fan adopts a more stringent criteria on de-noise design, achieving a two-way balance between temperature and wind resistance, ensuring accurate temperature interaction and reducing noise by more than 20% compared to other brands in the market.

OE certified materials
OE certified materials can ensure fan blade not to be deformed, making that vika’ s unique noise reduction design work optimally.

2. Anti-vibration balancing design
Vika motor anti-vibration design
Vika motor rotor use the advanced automotive production technology of the world, using laminated riveting technology to ensure motor can keep the rotor balance and armature performance under high-speed rotation.

Fan blade material and balancing design
We adopt stricter balancing test to OE material made fan blades to ensure the precise balance of fan blades under different work condition.

Fan complete’s balancing design:
After ensuring the balance of above two core components from details, in the combination of every radiator fan ,vika always make balance design and test under different work condition for key assembly parts to ensure the perfect balancing performance.

3. Longer service life and more stable
Core technology
The unique high-quality graphite carbon brush technology is the fundamental guarantee for the long service life of the vika electrical fan, and thus establishes the new quality standard for the electrical fan.

Intelligent electrical module
The vika electrical fan adopts the world’s leading OE electrical control module technology. The upgraded intelligent electrical module enables the motor to start smoothly, ensuring accurate motor rotation under various working conditions. In this way, it improves efficiency and reduces power losses of the engine.


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