Volkswagen parts Vika timing belt ,Suitable for EA211 model,Provide engine safety and stability

Timing belt is an important part of the engine air distribution system. It is guaranteed to enter and exhaust time through the link with the crankshaft and a little drive. The use of belts rather than gears for transmission is due to the low noise of the belt, its small amount of variation and its ease of compensation. It is obvious that the life of the belt is definitely shorter than that of the metal gear, so the belt should be replaced regularly.

How long does the timing belt of the EA211 model change?
EA211 is a technology platform. At present, in the domestic product line, the 1.6L naturally aspirated engine of the Volkswagen series (including the Shanghai Volkswagen Skoda brand) is also derived from the technology platform, in other words, in the structure and technical configuration. In terms of these engines, there is still some commonality in these engines. The timing belt of the EA211 is the first inspection of 9W km, followed by inspection every 3W km, and 18W km must be replaced.
Timing belts are rubber parts, and everyone knows that rubber is aging. The normal use period of car timing belts is 2 years, because the engine is running at high temperatures, the car stops lag cooling, greasy impurities and timing belts. The matching of the tensioning wheel and the incorrect handling during installation will result in a shortened service life of the timing belt. Therefore, this has caused another problem of several kilometers. The new car is running at a speed of 80,000 to 100,000 kilometers.

Tantivy Auto Parts Co., Ltd. launched the vika EA211 timing belt, which has the following characteristics:
1. The material is made of OE belt, and the inner working surface of the belt is made of “Flutron” material.
2. Excellent ground friction coefficient and wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Working at temperatures from -70 ° C to + 260 ° C without any distortion, still retaining the original physical properties.
3. The product can meet or exceed the OE standard requirements
4. High quality products ensure safety and stability when the engine is running

vika EA211 timing belt

Tantivy Auto Parts prompts you how to regularly maintain the timing belt
As the car becomes more advanced, the workload of maintenance will gradually decrease. As a result, car owners often think that their vehicles do not need to be repaired. And each car manufacturer clearly stipulates the cycle of regular inspection and replacement of the timing belt. As a professional service technician, you should explain this to the owner: as a part of regular maintenance and comprehensive inspection, the maintenance of timing belt It should be added to the regular maintenance procedures. If you ignore this, regular inspections and timely replacement of faulty timing belts can have serious consequences. Unlike the drive belts of the attachments, they are easy to see and easy to inspect. Timing belts are often hidden behind a cover and can be accessed depending on the engine and engine compartment. However, in most cases, the lid on the timing belt, at least the upper half of the lid, can be removed or removed so that you can carefully inspect and replace the belt. When checking, if you are not seeing a well-maintained, moderately tensioned belt, you should replace it in time.

The timing belt is not broken, it does not mean that it is no problem. As the belt is used more and more old, it tends to stretch beyond the range that the tensioning device can compensate, thus producing a timing sprocket slip. The wear of the teeth and the adhesion of lubricating oil can also cause slippage. During the inspection, if the belt has hardness reduction, abrasion, fiber breakage, or cracks or cracks, it indicates that the belt is damaged and cannot be used any more. Next, check the sprocket fault. Damaged sprockets can “burn out” the belt material and exacerbate belt tooth wear. A sprocket failure can also cause the valve train to create greater resistance to the timing belt.

For engines equipped with timing belts, manufacturers will have strict requirements, and regular timing belts and accessories will be replaced during the specified period. The replacement cycle will vary with the structure of the engine. The specific replacement cycle should be based on the vehicle. The instructions in the maintenance manual shall prevail.
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