Volkswagen DPA halogen headlight assembly auto parts, representative of the value of the world!

Many people say that if you look at a person’s appearance or not, you must first look at his eyes. If you comment on the value of a car, I believe that the first thought in many people’s minds is: the lights!
Yes, good-looking lights can add a lot to the value of a car, and the good-looking and practical lights are also the guarantee of our driving safety.

Since the lights are so important, how much do you know about the lights? Next, Tantivy will introduce the small knowledge of the lights in three stages through the column of “The Headlights of the Headlights”.

How many kinds of lights are there?

Halogen headlight
Halogen headlights are the most common type of headlights on the market. The illumination area of the halogen headlights is uniform in brightness, has no obvious visual attenuation zone, and is inexpensive and cost-effective.
In addition, the technology of halogen headlights is very mature. In rainy and snowy weather and foggy weather, the visibility of halogen headlights is very good, far better than other light sources.
However, the disadvantages of halogen headlights are also obvious, the irradiation distance is short, usually within 100 meters; and the halogen headlights have a relatively short life and high energy consumption.
Xenon headlights
Compared with halogen headlights, Xenon headlights have much better lighting effects, and the illumination distance is farther, generally around 200 meters. And it is more energy efficient and has a longer life than halogen lamps.
However, the disadvantage of Xenon headlights is that the brightness is too high, it is easy to cause glare to other vehicles, and the penetration in rain and fog is poor. In addition, xenon lamps need to be equipped with ballasts, no halogen headlights are stable.

LED headlights
LED headlights have many advantages. First of all, it is energy-saving, environmentally friendly and durable. Moreover, LED headlights illuminate very fast, with high brightness, and the illumination distance can generally reach more than 300 meters.
LED headlights do not have the obvious disadvantages, that is, the LEDs generate a relatively large amount of heat and require special heat sinks; in addition, the price of LED headlights is high.

Laser headlight
When you listen to the name, you feel tall, and the technology-sounding lights are still in the niche category. The laser headlights almost combine all the advantages of LED headlights: fast lighting, high brightness, small size, long life, etc. Advantages, and energy consumption and volume are better than LED headlights.
There is only one disadvantage: expensive! The headlights are worth more than RMB 5-6W, and you can change one manual block car!

Finally, I will introduce: DPA halogen headlight assembly, suitable for Volkswagen parts, high value and high security coexist, put it on you is the most awkward in this street! By comparing with other brands, we can quickly understand the product.

Appearance comparison:
DPA products:
1) DPA masks are made of Bayer brand products from Germany;
2) The material has good UV resistance, ensuring that the DPA lampshade does not yellow during two years and maintains good transparency after prolonged use;
3) The surface is subjected to a hardening treatment process to increase the hardness of the mask and reduce the scratching of the external force.

Other brand products:
1) Other brands adopt: ordinary domestic PC materials;
2) The use of the product for a year or so is prone to obvious discoloration and yellowing;
3) No surface treatment, the hardness of the mask can not resist the scratching of the surface.

Comparison of air tightness and accuracy:
DPA products:
1) The DPA mask adopts the robot hand coating process, the glue amount is uniform, the airtightness of the lamp is high, and the water leakage problem is eliminated;
2) The appearance of the DPA lamp housing and the mask is neat and tidy, and the holes of the mask and the lamp housing are precise and firm.

1) using manual glue;
2) The glue overflows, directly affecting the appearance of the product;
3) Manual operation, it is impossible to control the amount of glue used, and the lamp is prone to water leakage during use.

Material performance comparison:
DPA products:
1) Back shell material: glass fiber reinforced modified PP (glass fiber content 20%);
2) Material advantages:
·The dimensional stability is improved, the shrinkage rate is reduced, and the heat deformation is small;
·The mechanical properties are improved to varying degrees, such as rigidity and impact resistance;
· Simultaneous hardness increase, density increase, and wear resistance.

Other brand products:
1) Back shell material: PP;
2) The product has low hardness and is easily deformed, which affects the normal use effect;
3) Material cost: less than 40% of DPA cost.

Comparison of quality and life:
1) DPA headlight mounting screws: the surface is treated with zinc-nickel alloy;
2) The appearance is consistent with the OE quality, with more detailed quality assurance;
3) After long-term use, it can still maintain the appearance without rust.
4) Use brand bulbs such as Osram to ensure authentic light source and service life!
5) The far and near light effect is consistent with the original headlight lighting effect!

Other brand products:
1) using a common galvanized surface treatment process;
2) After using for a period of time, it is prone to rust, affecting the appearance, and even causing the screws to fall off, which may not be properly installed and used.
DPA LaVida halogen headlight assembly is on the market, with high value and high security. You are the most awkward in the street!

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