vika DPA participates in the 2019 Greek Auto Parts AutoTec Expo

There is such a country next to the Aegean Sea. He has a long history, created a splendid ancient culture,

and has had a major influence on the historical development of Europe, Asia and Africa.


Whether in music, mathematics, philosophy, literature, architecture, sculpture, etc., this country has made great achievements.

Aristotle, Socrates, Plato… One cultural master after another, created a brilliant civilization.


Presumably you have already guessed that this country is Greece!


On September 27th, the biggest event in the Greek automotive aftermarket, the AutoTec Expo, was grandly opened!

vika DPA was invited to embark on this land with a long history of culture,

and the professional presentation once again won the recognition of the Greek industry!


As the most prestigious exhibition in the Greek industry, AutoTec Expo attracts a large number of exhibitors and visitors.

The vika DPA is undoubtedly one of the brightest booths. The simple appearance of the atmosphere and the professional product presentation make the vika DPA booth always crowded.



Professional product presentation~


“Don’t squeeze, everyone comes one by one!”


“Look at this diaphragm, it’s thick and round! The quality is really good!”

Not only professional booth design and product display, the staff of vika DPA is professional and coexisting.


“Greek goddess” handheld products for customers to explain in detail ~


Pleasant cooperation stems from the appreciation of each other, from the recognition of vika DPA!


If you use two words to describe your expression, I think it should be “expected”!

The three-day Greek AutoTec Expo is coming to an end, and the development of vika DPA in the Greek market has just begun!

Professional products and services will surely usher in greater opportunities and markets in this civilized state!

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