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As one of the important safety parts of the Mingrui car body, the reversing mirror is mainly used to observe the rear road condition during the reversing process and to observe the car body during the driving process.

Tantivy’s DPA mirror OE quality!
The quality of the products is strictly in accordance with the German Volkswagen “TL-82036” and “TL-82398” standards;
The product development and approval process and quality control procedures are strictly in accordance with the requirements of the TS16949 system;
The products have passed the 3C national compulsory certification and the European E-Mark system certification requirements.

DPA mirrors have three major advantages:
1. Plastic parts adopt Taiwan Chi Mei ABS new material
2. Special imported folder and memory module
3. Use OE matching manufacturers of high quality lenses

Applicable models: Skoda New Octavia Auto Parts

DPA Mirror

Tantivy Auto with small common sense – how to maintain the car mirror

The car mirror is equivalent to the driver’s “third eye”, driving, parking, all need to rely on the mirror to see clearly, the following Tian Deqin shared some experience in maintaining the car mirror.

Wipe the outer mirror in time.
The outer mirror should be kept clean and clear so that it looks more comfortable and clear. Once the muddy water is on the mirror, wipe it off with a cleaning cloth as soon as possible. Note that if you use a very wet cloth, you will leave a watermark after the wipe, so it is better to use a semi-wet and semi-dry cloth. .

The mirror heating function is turned on in rainy days.
When it encounters rainy weather, the outer mirror mirror will have full body water droplets, which will greatly affect the clarity of the mirror and is prone to danger. At this time, if the vehicle is equipped with an external mirror heating function, after turning on the switch, the mirror will be hot for about 10 minutes, and the water droplets on the mirror will be less. Generally, turn on the mirror without heating for more than 1 hour, and try to open it as little as possible, otherwise it will affect the life of the mirror.

Do not arbitrarily move the lens of the mirror.
Today’s vehicles are generally equipped with electric adjustment mirrors, even if individual vehicles will adjust the buttons with their hands inside, so do not arbitrarily push the mirror of the mirror yourself. If the time is long, the lens will shake, the driver The eyes cause fatigue.

In the winter, use the external mirror for electric folding function.
In some advanced cars, the mirrors can be electrically adjusted and folded automatically. This should be paid special attention in the winter. Once there is dew or rain and snow at night, the outer mirror is frozen and then electrically folded, which will easily damage the motor and cause the mirror to fail to open. Therefore, try to turn off the electric folding function in winter.

Develop the habit of folding mirrors when parking.
If the vehicle does not have a device for automatically folding the mirror, when parking, the side of the road should fold the mirror as far as possible to prevent someone from hitting the mirror, and if it is damaged, it will be troublesome.

Add a rainshield and a small round mirror to the mirror.
If the place where you are in the rain, you can add a mirror to your car to cover the rain, to block the rain to a certain extent, pay attention to the shelter can not block the line of sight. In addition, there will be blind spots in the car to see the mirror, you can add a small round mirror, you can reduce the existence of blind spots.

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