Tantivy auto parts tell you the name of each car’s accessories

A car is made up of thousands of parts, so do you know every car accessory? The following Tantivy tells you the name of the car accessories. Hurry up the collection if you need it!


1. Automotive transmission system accessories
Gearbox support pad, gearbox filter, gearbox filter bag, transmission sump pad, odometer line gearbox gasket repair kit, transmission joystick head, selector lever, transmission, maintenance Shaft, transmission oil pump, shift control cable, transmission oil pipe, odometer gear

2. Automotive engine gaskets and cylinder head fittings
Cylinder head gasket, cylinder head gasket repair kit, engine gasket repair kit, valve chamber cover gasket, other gaskets, intake pipe gasket, exhaust pipe gasket, oil pan gasket, engine cylinder head, cylinder head bolt, oil guide Plate, oil port cover, valve oil seal.

3. Automotive valve trainer accessories
Air filter, muffler glue, air filter cushion rubber, intake pipe, muffler, exhaust pipe spring, exhaust pipe bolt, muffler clamp, exhaust pipe, idle speed control valve, exhaust gas recirculation valve, turbocharger, Throttle

4. Car timing control accessories
Valve lifter, valve rocker arm, valve guide, timing guide rail, timing chain, timing gear, intake valve, exhaust valve

5. Brake system accessories
Brake pads, brake master cylinders, brake shoes, brake discs, brake cylinders, brake lines, brake calipers, brake hubs, brake hoses, vacuum pump repair kits, brake master cylinder repair kits, brake cylinder repair kits, pressure vacuum tanks , brake valve, brake adjustment arm, brake booster, ABS ring gear, vacuum booster pump, fixed clamp, brake booster pump, brake cup

6. Automotive clutch system accessories
Clutch pressure plate, clutch plate, release bearing, clutch repair kit, clutch master cylinder, clutch pump, clutch cable, clutch cable sleeve, separation shaft, clutch pedal shaft, clutch master cylinder repair kit, clutch pump repair kit, separation Bearing

7. Automotive drive shaft and half shaft series accessories
Cross shaft, ball cage, cage dust cover, drive rubber, drive shaft support bearing, hub bearing, bearing repair package hub unit, hub axle, cage repair kit, drive shaft, ball cage, drive shaft assembly, alignment Sleeve

8. Car steering system accessories

Tie rod assembly, tie rod, tie rod ball head, center tie rod, steering active arm, steering slave arm, steering gear boot, steering gear assembly, steering damper, power steering pump, power steering oil tank, tie rod adjusting bolt , steering slave arm bushing, power steering tube, steering washer gasket repair kit

9. Automotive lubrication system accessories
Oil filter, oil pump, oil sump, oil dipstick pipe, oil cooler, drain plug, oil pump drive chain

10. Car suspension accessories
Control arm, suspension bushing, balance bar, damper, pressure relief cover, limit buffer block, damper dust cover, ball head, cockpit damper, suspension bushing repair kit, balance lining Set, balance bushing repair kit, suspension cushion rubber, rear pull rod, tire bolt, tire nut, coil spring, spring bracket, hub, tire, damper plane bearing

11. Automobile crankshaft and camshaft accessories
Crankshaft, connecting rod, bearing bush, thrust piece, crankshaft oil seal, cylinder liner, piston ring, piston, piston repair kit, air duct, camshaft tooth, camshaft, crankshaft gear, flywheel, oil pump drive gear

12. Automotive fuel system accessories
Throttle line, air flow meter, carburetor, carburetor flange, fuel filter, petrol float, petrol pump, fuel tank cap, stop pump, carburetor gasket repair, nozzle, fuel pressure regulator, spray Nozzle, oil and gas sharer, strainer, tubing

13. Automobile drive belt and device accessories
Guide pulley, tensioner, tensioner assembly, tensioner assembly repair kit, torsional vibration damper, V-belt, multi-ribbed belt, adjustment rod, chain tensioner, timing belt, repair kit, Time zone

14. Automotive ignition system accessories
Ignition Platinum, Distributor, Distributor Cover, Splitter, Ignition Coil, Ignition Lock, Ignition Module, FireWire, Resistor, Spark Plug, Glow Plug, Capacitor, Spark Plug, Ignition Switch, Connector

15. Automotive cooling system accessories
Water pump, thermostat, thermostat cover, expansion tank, fan page, fan bracket, coupler, radiator, radiator cover, radiator hose, radiator fan, expansion tank cover, water pipe, fan guard, water pipe Seat plug, pipe joint

16. Car engine bracket rubber pad accessories
Engine mount pad

17. Automotive sensor series accessories
Speed sensor, phase sensor, brake sensor line, water level sensor, temperature sensor, oil pressure switch, thermal switch, oil position sensor, oxygen sensor, speed sensor, crankshaft sensor, pressure sensor, throttle position sensor, knock sensor, mileage Table sensor, camshaft sensor, oil pressure sensor

18. Car start system accessories
One-way tooth, starter, starter battery, electromagnetic switch

19. Automotive air conditioning and electrical accessories
Drying bottle, reversing light switch, voltage regulator, warning light switch, combination switch, relay, brake light switch, glass lift switch, horn water jet motor, heater motor, wiper motor, headlight switch, heat exchanger , expansion valve, evaporator, generator, air conditioning condenser, high voltage switch wiper switch, fuse, blower regulator, remote control, solenoid valve, parking sensor, compressor, fog light switch rear window glass defogging switch, gate control Switch, warm air valve, heating pipe

20. Auto body parts and accessories
License plate light, bumper light, door handle, cover wire, bumper, door hinge, glass lifter, medium net, endoscope, nameplate, gas spring, headlight headlight bracket, headlight glass, corner light, corner Light glass, tail light, tail light glass, door rubber strip, cover handle, fog light, fog light, rear view mirror, wiper window sealant strip, glass shake hand, cab air filter, side light, turn signal light , pedals, door locks, reversing lights, steering wheel locks, ashtrays, airbags, windshields, handles, cigarette lighters, antenna masts, wheel covers, trunk locks, lid locks, other handles, hoods, front Surrounding deflector, tailgate, side wall, mirror cover, mirror lens, wiper link, wiper arm, front group, mudguard

21. Other parts of the car
Oil seals, high pressure shaft tubes, bearings, bolts, nuts, dust covers, brackets, oil, springs, others

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