Skoda Fabia Auto Parts|Tantivy vika Half-Axis Assembly, easy to solve the problem of body shake when speeding up!

The composition of the semi-axle assembly:
The semi-axle assembly consists of three outer parts: the outer ball cage, the intermediate shaft and the inner ball cage. The spokes at both ends are used to connect the hub and the differential respectively, and the torque output by the engine passes through the differential, the inner cage, the intermediate shaft, and the outer cage to the hub. The semi-axes are divided into left and right ones, and the length is determined according to the arrangement position of the engine.

Half shaft assembly function:
The axle of the car is also called the drive shaft, which connects the shaft to the drive wheel. The half shaft is the shaft that transmits torque between the transmission reducer and the drive wheel. There is a universal joint (U/JOINT) at the inner and outer ends, respectively, which is connected to the reducer gear and the inner ring of the hub bearing through the spline on the universal joint. .
The half shaft transmits the power from the differential to the left and right drive wheels.
The half shaft is a solid shaft that transmits a large torque between the differential and the drive axle. The inner end of the shaft is generally connected with a half shaft gear of a differential, and the outer end is driven by a flange disc or a spline. The wheel shells of the wheels are connected.
The half shaft structure differs depending on the form of the drive axle structure, and the half shaft in the non-disconnected drive axle is a rigid integral shaft.
The half shaft section in the steering axle and the disconnected drive axle is connected by a universal joint.

The performance of the car axle assembly is broken:
1. There will be metal friction with sound or metal hard touch.
2. There will be abnormal noise when the direction is left or right.
3. The car will shake sharply when driving at high speed.
4, the body shakes when driving

Tantivy engineers introduced a vika semi-axle assembly with good sealing and excellent quality.
OE: 6Q0407271BC/AT
Applicable models: Skoda Fabia Auto Parts


How to implement maintenance and maintenance of the semi-axle assembly?
Car drive is an important item in car repair. In the use of automobiles, all rubber products and seals are valid for three years, including half-shaft cage dust jackets, and natural aging occurs during continuous stretching and extrusion. Cracked. Of course, it will be damaged due to some abnormal conditions. If it is regularly repaired and maintained, the key inspections will naturally eliminate the hidden dangers in time. If the semi-axle boot is found to be broken, the dust jacket should be replaced immediately. Otherwise, if the semi-axle of the car is less than three or five thousand kilometers, the half-axis ball cage will be affected. Regarding the destruction of its accessories, it is not simply a replacement for it. For example, a half shaft, which is a main part of the drive, has a lubricating grease filling in the dust jacket, in case of damage, It will cause the grease to splash, so it is necessary to make up the grease while replacing the boot. In addition, if the driving time of the car is too long, the grease will naturally deteriorate. After it is thoroughly cleaned, the grease should be renewed and regularized and maintained, so as to prevent the effect.

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