Volkswagen parts | vika electronic fuel pump

What is an electronic fuel pump?

The electronic fuel pump assembly is one of the basic components of the EFI automotive fuel injection system and is located inside the vehicle fuel tank.
The function of the fuel pump is to suck the fuel from the fuel tank, pressurize it, and then deliver it to the engine through the oil supply line for use by the engine.
A fuel filter and a fuel pressure regulator are usually provided in the oil supply line.

Common faults in electronic fuel pumps
1. The quality of the oil is poor and the fuel filter replacement time is long.
Poor oil products will cause more impurities in the fuel tank, which will easily lead to blockage of the fuel pump, and the pump will be laborious. Long-term high-load work will eventually lead to failure.
2. Long-term low oil level driving
The fuel pump relies on gasoline cooling, and the long-term low oil level driving prevents the fuel pump from cooling and reduces the life.
3. Refueling is always top up
If you are driving in the city and it is convenient to refuel, you don’t have to fill up every time you refuel. This may cause oil float and sensor failure, and even cause oil meter distortion and increase fuel consumption.

Tantivy’s excellent performance and long-lasting vika electronic fuel pump

Volkswagen parts | vika electronic fuel pump

Advantage 1: Anti-electromagnetic interference
When the electronic fuel pump is working, it will be disturbed by the electronic equipment on the vehicle. The vika electronic fuel pump contains electronic components that suppress IFA, thereby eliminating interference from electronic devices.

Advantage 2: High closing pressure value
Vika electronic fuel pump shut-off valve pressure can reach 660kpa~800kpa;
The value of Bosch original products is generally between 450kpa and 600kpa.

Advantage 3: Innovation increases mapping function
The mapping function keeps the oil pump housing fully oiled! Avoid insufficient pressure when the oil is insufficient, which will not pump the oil. It will cool the pump core at all times and effectively improve the service life!
Performance comparison between vika electronic fuel pump and other products:

Solve common problems: not working
The vika brand pump core terminal connection wire is optimized to connect the wire with a plug to avoid the terminal from falling off due to long-term use, and the oil pump cannot work normally.
Other brands of pump cores use terminal connections to connect the wires. If they are used for a long time, the terminals will fall off and the oil pump will not work properly.

Solve common problems: low pressure
Vika products:
The bottom of the vika shell adds a mapping function, allowing the fuel to quickly fill the housing, and ensuring the oil supply under low oil level and climbing conditions, avoiding insufficient pressure when the oil is insufficient, resulting in no pumping; Function, to avoid the oil pump burned out due to high temperature.
At the same time, coarse filtration is added to the bottom of the casing, and the filter is added to the inner pump core. Double-layer filtration to prevent impurities from entering the pump core and prevent the pump core from being stuck or not working.
Other brand products:
The bottom of other brands’ housings has no innuendo function. When the oil quantity is insufficient, it will easily lead to no pumping or high-load operation of the oil pump. It is impossible to avoid the oil pump cooling in time, and it is easy to reduce the life due to high temperature during work.
Other brands do not have coarse filtration, and it is impossible to prevent impurities from entering the pump core, which may easily cause the pump core to be stuck or not working.

Solve common problems: oil level is not allowed
Vika products:
The vika product optimizes the two-point contact of the float contact to four-point contact of the float contact, reducing contact corrosion, preventing the contact piece from being contaminated by the adhesive and causing poor contact, and preventing the oil level display from being inaccurate.
Other brand products:
Other brands use two-point contact of the float contact, which is easy to cause contact corrosion. The resistor piece is easily contaminated by adhesive and causes poor contact, which may lead to inaccurate oil level display.

Tantivy vika fuel pump maintenance knowledge
(1) Try not to wait until the fuel is at a low level to refuel, which will affect the heat dissipation of the fuel pump.
(2) Don’t try to be cheap, add some inferior oil, and block the fuel pump filter.
(3) Regularly clean the fuel system, including the fuel pump, and use fuel additives to assist cleaning.

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