vika valve cover – a highly sealed Skoda auto engine parts

The valve chamber cover is the uppermost part of the engine, and the engine oil is sealed together with the oil pan to prevent the lubricating oil from leaking to the outside when the engine is running.
The valve cover is mainly connected with the cylinder cover of the engine. The camshaft is installed under the valve cover, and the accessories of some air intake mechanisms on the cylinder cover are sealed to ensure the normal operation and lubrication, protection and protection of the valve drive mechanism of the engine. The dust seal forms a closed whole with all parts of the engine, ensuring a good working environment for the internal parts of the engine.

vika valve cover

Cause of valve cover failure
1. The gasket between the valve cover and the cylinder head is leaking due to long-term high temperature and heat aging.
2. The oil-water separator performs oil and gas separation under high-temperature exhaust gas for a long time, and the tensile strength, compression deformation, ozone resistance, oil resistance and tear strength of the diaphragm are unstable.

EA888 II generation valve cover characteristics requirements
1, high temperature resistance. Since the valve cover is directly connected to the engine cylinder head and the engine cylinder cover is often in a working environment of 130 to 150 ° C, the plastic material used must be able to withstand a high temperature of 180 ° C.
2, high strength. The valve chamber cover not only needs to withstand the vibration load of the engine, the inertial force load of the throttle valve and the sensor, and the pulsation load of the intake pressure, but also ensures that the abnormal tempering of the engine is not blasted by the high pressure pulsation pressure, so it is required to be used. The plastic material has a high strength.
3. Dimensional stability. In order to ensure that the dimensional tolerances of the valve chamber cover and the engine connection meet the specified requirements, and at the same time ensure that the sensors and actuator components on the valve chamber cover can be accurately installed, the production equipment and plastic materials used must have good dimensional stability.
4. Chemical stability. Since the valve cover is directly in contact with corrosive solvents such as gasoline, antifreeze, and coolant, especially the ethylene glycol in the coolant has a great influence on the performance of the plastic. Therefore, the plastic material must have good chemical stability and be used. The material is usually rigorously tested before.
5, heat aging stability. Since the operating temperature of the engine is often changed repeatedly between -30 ° C and 130 ° C, the working conditions are very bad. Therefore, in order to ensure that the valve cover can work reliably for a long time, the selected plastic material must have excellent heat aging stability.
6. Currently, the preferred material for plastic valve cover is nylon. The advantage of nylon is that it has high temperature resistance and good chemical stability, but its disadvantage is that the shrinkage rate is large, the resistance to ethylene glycol is not good, and its water absorption is too strong. The strength of nylon after water absorption will drop by nearly 40%. Therefore, the vika valve cover is injection molded with imported BASF PA66-GF30 material and welded with EMERSON imported from the United States. After repeated tests, the shrinkage rate has been significantly improved.
Tantivy vika engineers have long-term research and analysis on the material, performance and durability of the valve cover products on the market for a long-term development, and launched the vika valve cover.
OE number: 03L103469R/03L103469F
Applicable models: Skoda Auto FAB 11-15/OCT 09-13/RAP 13-/RAPI 12-/RO 11-15/SUP 08-15/YET 10-18

Advantages of vika valve cover
Technology 1: High quality materials
The main material of the product: the valve cover is made of imported BASF PA66-GF30 material, which is more resistant to high temperature, higher load bearing strength, excellent chemical and thermal aging stability, and makes the product more durable;
Core parts material: valve cover oil seal, sealing strip adopts international famous brand DuPont ACM material with high temperature resistance, oil resistance, ozone resistance and UV radiation resistance and other special features to effectively improve the service life of the product;
Core component material: The oil and gas separator diaphragm on the valve chamber cover adopts the industry’s top material “Fluorosilicon”. The fluorosilicone diaphragm maintains the excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, high voltage resistance and weather resistance of the silicone material. On the basis of the introduction of fluorine-containing groups, it has excellent hydrogen-resistant solvents, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance and lower surface energy properties. Better protection of the service life of the oil separator on the valve cover;

Technology 2: Production process
The valve chamber cover is welded by American imported EMERSON welding machine with a minimum dimensional tolerance of 0.02MM. It has good dimensional stability and ensures accurate and more beautiful appearance.

Technology 3: Impact strength
The vika valve cover is made of imported PA6-GF30 material, 30% glass fiber and higher impact strength.

Technology 4: Shrinkage
The vika valve cover is injection molded with imported PA6-GF30 material and the shrinkage is reduced to 5%.

To sum up: the vika valve chamber cover is stronger than other brands in terms of product quality, dimensional stability, chemical stability, heat aging stability, and advanced production equipment and technology. The vika valve cover is matched with OE spare parts. Recognized by more Skoda auto parts customers.

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