vika DPA in the capital of romance

“I want to take you to romantic Turkey…”

The moment you read this line, you probably start to hum the tune.

Speaking of Turkey, fantastic words like romance, mystery, and exoticism will quickly enter your mind.

In this beautiful spring, vika DPA paid a visit to Istanbul, the capital of romance in Turkey.

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On April 4, Automechanika Frankfurt was hold ceremoniously in Istanbul, the capital of romance. As one of the exhibitors, vika DPA received guests from around the world. Now let’s find out what happened between vika DPA and the capital of romance!

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Demonstration of top-grade products is necessary even in the capital of romance.

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Although we are not dressed romantically, we smile radiantly.

Was the exhibition enough for us? NO!In the exhibition period, vika DPA also participated in a local distributor shop manager conference, and provided training for all distributors.

Do you know that besides romance, Istanbul is also known for its beautiful women? That’s right. Beautiful women! Let’s have a look.

Company news-20190415-004-536 x 359

Seeing that everybody is listening carefully, I feel really proud of vika DPA today!

Company news-20190415-005-536 x 359

Are they saying that “we need to double the amount we order?”

Company news-20190415-006-536 x 359

Here we have a devoted and lovely lady, and don’t forget the great beauty standing by the screen I mentioned previously.

After discovering the city of gold and the capital of romance, do you feel more interested in the next stop of vika DPA? Let me give you a hint: The next stop will be cold, but also known for its beautiful women? Can you guess it?

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