Review of Tantivy’s Arrival of Queens Event

On the Women’s Day, the members of Tantivy HR and Career Development Center launched an elaborately prepared event “Arrive of Queens”, an amusing arrangement for all female colleagues in the company.

Besides receiving small exquisite gifts, the female participants learned may useful tips during this activity. It turns out that this event gives something more than pleasure and ease to our colleagues in our busy life. Evidently it helps greatly improve cohesion throughout the company.

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In the afternoon, all Tantivy colleagues gathered at the conference room, where the gentlemen offered their gifts to all “Queens” in this special occasion.

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In our “Scarf Dresser” class, some very practical techniques for wearing and matching scarfs were demonstrated. The teacher was devoted and patient, and the learners, with an inherent love of beauty, enjoyed learning very much.

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Next, our gentlemen from different departments began to learn how to fold paper roses. In spite of the obvious difficulty faced by them, they managed to overcome the challenge and succeeded in making beautiful roses.

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Who will receive such elegant roses? Of course our female colleagues: Today they are the most beautiful, courageous, and intelligent queens!

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At last, the general manager of Tantivy revealed the much-expected “Color of Luck” for this event through a video: pink. The Lucky Queen was found wearing the largest area of pinky clothing and ornaments on the spot. For all, participating is more important than winning, taking part is more important than receiving, and surpassing is more important than getting.

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The “Arrive of Queens” event, filled with joy and laughter, is a great exhibition of our positive outlook on life. It builds cohesion of the company, relieves the pressure we feel in our work and life, and provides everyone with a platform of recreation, interaction, and communication!

Finally, we heartily wish achievement, love, and happiness for all our queens!

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