vika DPA oil-gas separator – STO technical product surpassing OE

The vika product engineers, backed by market information, user feedback, and world leading technologies, has developed through long and thorough researches the new STO technical product: oil-gas separator, which features improved performance, longer service life, and a higher safety level.

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Engine oil burning is one of the most common issues confronted during vehicle repairs. In general, vehicles equipped with a turbocharging system, due to intrinsic design flaws, tend to experience such phenomenon after 30 to 50 thousand kilometers of mileage on average.

Issues like engine oil burning, oil leakage and excessive wear result in noise of the gas-oil separator during operation of vehicles, eventually leading to higher fuel consumption, weak acceleration, and insufficient power. If these problems persist, irreparable damage or destruction may occur to the engines, and the possibility of accidents will increase.

The design of the new oil-gas separator product developed by vika product engineers has focused on sealing material, product structure, and resistance to wear and shock. Their efforts have given birth to a more reliable oil-gas separator that outstrips OE standard.

STO technical product: oil-gas separator. Four benefits have been created to completely eliminate engine oil burning:

Benefit I: The relief valve has been upgraded to prevent any oil from being pumped into the combustion chamber.

Benefit II: The oil drainage hole has been upgraded from 2.2mm to 3mm to avoid partially or completely blocked return oil pipes caused by oil sludge or impurities.

Benefit III: Aramid added to the transverse diaphragm material leads to a higher thickness while effectively improving life cycle of the diaphragm.

Benefit IV: The sealing pressure has been increased effectively.

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