“Chasing Dreams for Fifteen Years and Now Starting from a New Point” 2019 Tantivy Annual Conference & 15th Anniversary Celebration Successfully Concluded

Bidding farewell to the Year of Dog and ushering in the Year of Pig, on February 1, 2019, Tantivy Automotive Co., Ltd. held its annual conference & 15th anniversary celebration in Shanghai. This grand event, a gathering of talents and elites, afforded all Tantivy people an opportunity to review the past and look into the future.

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Summaries on the work completed in 2018 were made by personnel from Tantivy marketing system, operating system, financial center, and HR and business development center during the conference. Annual, quarterly, and monthly plans for the year of 2019 were also elaborated, raising a picture of the next steps of Tanvity’s business and brand development.

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Following these systematic summaries, Mr. Cao, general manager of Tantivy Automotive Co., Ltd., looked back into the past fifteen years of Tantivy. He then emphatically stated the need to keep to our operation guidelines, i.e. seeking success out of professional quality and great sense of responsibility, as well as Tantivy corporate ethos of promoting employee and customer accomplishments. With such efforts, he believed, all employees and partners will stick together to head for greater success. He also expressed his best wishes to all partners for the coming year.

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He who will climb the ladder must begin at the bottom. This occasion witnessed our retrospections, celebrations, and expectations. To us, 2019 marks another journey that requires more passion and devotion. Challenges are there to be addressed. Targets and missions are there to be accomplished, enthusiastically and unremittingly.

The annual work summaries and reports were followed by the exciting moments of awarding.

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Six major awards were granted to outstanding Tantivy personnel, models to be appreciated by all Tantivy people. The excellent work they had done in the previous year was well recognized by the generous prizes, crystal clear cups, certificates of honor, passionate hugs, and touching speeches. In Tantivy, happiness and sense of achievement are always felt and shared.

Official start of the 15th anniversary celebration of Tantivy

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The 15th anniversary celebration of Tantivy, titled “Chasing Dreams for Fifteen Years and Now Starting from a New Point”, was a joyful collection of enjoyable programs, delightful foods, abd fresh fruits, all of which created fantastic moments for everyone present. Partners from Turkey had travelled long to Shanghai to join this special occasion. They gave their pleasant wishes to Tantivy while expressing their confidence in future cooperation.

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To thank all participants, a lucky draw program was also arranged, as a token of regard from the company. A large number of presents were given in the lucky draws and the interactive games, symbolizing good wishes to all Tantivy people!

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The fifth anniversary celebration of Tantivy, with the general context of “Always Sticking to Our Faith and Promoting Customer Success” and “Chasing Dreams for Fifteen Years and Now Starting from a New Point”, was successfully concluded. In 2019, Tantivy and vika DPA brand will create a better future by continuing to help customers and create more customer success!

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