It is always a pleasure to greet friends from afar

For all Tantivy people, November 28 was a day of joy and excitement. It witnessed the happy gathering of our partnering distributors from over 2 countries, an occasion where we jointly celebrated launch of our new Audi business and showed our gratitude to each other for years of mutual trust, cooperation, and reciprocity.

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The dinner was started with Tantivy’s warm greetings to our friends from around the world. The executive team members of Tantivy went up on the stage one by one to introduce themselves and to express their hearty welcome.

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Next, Ms. Zhang Qian, marketing director of Tantivy, made an English speech. She gave a detailed account of Audi product series to all global partners, allowing them to gain a better understanding of our new business operations and build more confidence in the future of vika DPA!

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As the dinner proceeded, the joyful music turned into soft notes. A heart-warming and touching slide was played on the screen. The 15-year friendship between Mr. Cao Zhongchuan, general manager of Tantivy, and Mr. Stefan and Mr. Fadi passed slowly in review before the eyes of all guests.

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With the dinner approaching the end, the guests began to take photos, and words of farewell were heard now and then across the venue. Knowing that our friendship will continue to grow, we had to part. Friends, let’s reunite again next year!

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