[A special issue of the annual meeting] Always serve the customers. 2018, here we come!

February 12, 2018

Tantivy holds a grand annual meeting

Always serve the customers

The passion of Tantivy people could not be dimmed by the cold weather

Company news-20180223-001-536 x 359

In a distinguished gathering

We look back at the past year

While readying ourselves for the new year

For Tantivy, 2018 will serve as a link between past and future

A year in which all Tantivy people will unit and forge ahead with relentless efforts

2018! a year bound to be extraordinary for Tantivy!

Let’s review some of the important moments during the annual meeting!


About the meeting venue

We are in earnest

Company news-20180223-002-536 x 359

The magnificent meeting venue

All employees can feel being treated like stars



Also people of charm

Company news-20180223-003-536 x 359

A group of people

Although having a beautiful appearance, they gain popularity with their talent

They are the leaders of Tantivy

How glamorous and charming they are!

Company news-20180223-004-536 x 359

In the meeting all executives of Tantivy looked back into 2017 with us

We made a great number of accomplishments

While also facing unprecedented challenges

Looking into 2018

We will adjust our pace and continue to move on

We will make more outstanding achievements!


A constant pursuit of perfection

Glorious moment of honor

Company news-20180223-005-536 x 359

Company news-20180223-006-536 x 359

Tantivy marches like a giant ship on the sea

All employees are the crew onboard

Six prizes were awarded this year

All the outstanding employees receiving the prize on the stage are models for Tantivy people!


Brilliant shows

Joyful occasions

Company news-20180223-007-536 x 359

Company news-20180223-008-536 x 359


All on the tiptoe of expectation

The moment to reveal the winner of the top prize

Company news-20180223-009-536 x 359

To thank all Tantivy members for taking their time to join the annual meeting

The personnel have prepared a lottery draw open to all employees

Tremendous gifts are given during the exciting lottery draw and interactions

Thank Tantivy

Congratulations on all winners!


A new journey in 2018

Always serve the customers

Company news-20180223-010-536 x 359

Say farewell to 2017

Welcome the transformation and get ready for new challenges

Meet a better version of ourselves in 2018

Never forget our vision and sharpen our abilities to march forward

Serving the customers will be always our top priority

We look forward to our next gathering

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