[Newly Upgraded] vika clutch set of reliable quality with a 24-month quality guarantee

The long-term researches on and analyses of the performance, materials and durability of clutches conducted by engineers of vika have resulted in the following discoveries: problems like incomplete separation, slipping, judder, noise and vibration of clutch prevail in most clutches sold in the current market. Based on these circumstances, engineers of vika have upgraded the raw materials, production processes and quality control in an all-round way, and launched a brand-new vika clutch set with a guarantee period of 24 months.


The vika clutch set – premium quality with greater durability

Raw Materials: Disk hub: we adopt 45# steel which is strictly in line with the industry standard of HRC25-32 and is forged and struck into models, among which Shuntong and Huaxin account for 60% and 40% of the supplied disk hubs respectively; friction lining: for clutch plate lining, we adopt Kete SF127 to achieve a relatively stable friction under different temperatures and a longer service life; materials used for the damping disk of the clutch plate assembly is SPCC with the deep processing of phosphating treatment, achieving a more exquisite appearance through balanced phosphating treatment; spring: our products adopt Fuchun 55crsi springs.

Production Process: TD treatment by steel plate stamping; the surface indentation is shiny.

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