Tantivy Automotive Co., Ltd. Held the Grand “2017, With One Heart” Annual Work Conference (Beijing/Shanghai)

Astime flies and years pass,the busy days of 2016 has passed in moments, whereas the promising prospect of the company in 2017 is upon us. On January 24, with new goals and hopes for the coming year, the “2017, With One Heart” Annual Work Conference (Beijing/Shanghai) was successfully held by Tantivy Automotive Co., Ltd. in Shanghai.
In 2016, with the hard work, unwavering determination, extraordinary wisdom and dogged spirit of the whole company, the staff of Tantivy Automotive have made every effort to promote the development of the company and achieved remarkable results. In 2017, there will be yet more tasks and challenges waiting for us to complete. In this conference, the completed works in the year of 2016 and the core work plans for 2017 wererespectively reported.

Company news-20170221-001-536 x 359
Market Development Center

Company news-20170221-002-536 x 359
Domestic Business Division

Company news-20170221-003-536 x 359
International Business Division
Company news-20170221-004-536 x 359

Marketing Director

Company news-20170221-017-536 x 359
Operations Center

Company news-20170221-005-536 x 359
Procurement Center

Company news-20170221-006-536 x 359
Logistics Center

Company news-20170221-007-536 x 359
Information Center

Company news-20170221-008-536 x 359
Financial Center

Company news-20170221-009-536 x 359
Human Resources and Career Development Center

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. As we summed up the gains and losses of the past year, celebrated our achievements and looked into the future, Tantivy Automotive will embark on a new journey in 2017, meeting challenges with a positive attitude and high enthusiasm while working hard to accomplish work objectives and tasks.

After the report of the annual work summary for 2016 and the annual work plan for 2017, it came to the exciting moment of the awarding ceremony.

Company news-20170221-010-536 x 359
Innovation Award

Company news-20170221-011-536 x 359
Angel Award
Company news-20170221-012-536 x 359
Award for the Best New Employees

Company news-20170221-013-536 x 359
Award for the Best Performers of the Department

Company news-20170221-014-536 x 359
Award for the Best Team

In theawarding ceremony, the awards issued included Innovation Award, Angel Award, Best New Employees of the Department Awards, Best Performer Award, Mainstay Award, Best Team Award, Best Director Award, etc. After giving out the prizes, Cao Zhongchuan, the general manager of Tantivy Automotive Co., Ltd.,deliveredthe best wishes for the upcoming year and conveyed the most sincere aspirations for all staff.


Company news-20170221-015-536 x 359
Singing farewell to the past year, dancing to celebratethe ChineseNew Year – the upcoming year is a new journey, with new blessingsand new expectations. The New Yearparty began with melodious singing.

Company news-20170221-016-536 x 359
The brilliant year of 2016 has passed. However, the promising year of 2017 is coming. The development of Tantivy Automotiverelies on our customers. Given that, in 2017, a stronger Tantivy Automotive will work hand in hand with the vika DPA brand, and remain committed to serving customers and assisting our customers to achieve business success.

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