Superior to OE Glass Lifter

Superior to OE – Superior to the quality of the original, and even to your imagination!
With quality assurance of more than 100,000 liftings

In 2014,In a variety of research reports and a large number of user feedbacks, the DPA engineers found that the original warranty period of the glass lifter would have failure problems, including the failure of the guide wheel due to product design, the rope breakage and the deformation of the rear mounting bracket. All these problems were much greater than the premature failure problems due to improper installation. Based on this, the DPA engineers, according to the market information, the user feedbacks and the statistical data of original parts recalled due to quality problems, focused on those original parts which were prone to have quality problems and made researches for a long time in order to find the weaknesses of the original OE parts design. By virtue of the world’s leading technical strength and more stringent product testing, they designed and manufactured the Superior to OE DPA Glass Lifter which was more reliable than the original parts and had a longer service life.


With quality assurance of more than 100,000 liftings, more rational structure designs, and rigorous and reliable quality testing, it has a longer service life.


Technology Comparison between the Superior to OE Glass Lifter and Other Products:

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