The New vika Hub Assembly

with 24-Month Warranty and Excellent Quality Performance

With quality as the essence of the brand, vika DPA offers you products that meet leading quality standards. The vika engineers found the following problems through long-time market research and analysis. First of all, the oil of hub assembly sold in the market was not clean. Second, the raceway processing was incomplete and uneven, resulting in abrasion with the ball. Third, the design of the contact point between the raceway and the ball was irrational. Last but not least, with poor sealing, external dust and water would enter into the bearing, whicih would cause noise and abnormal sound, and shorten the service life of the product. Based on these, the vika engineers made deep-level development in the materials and manufacturing techniques. After repeated testing, the new vika hub assembly with excellent quality performance was launched. As for the new vika wheel unit, the whole series of products have a 24-month warranty, which, with excellent quality, breaks the 12-month warranty record of the aftermarket hub assembly products.


Machining shell, the exquisite flange processing surface, the accurate fixed screw hole, wear resistance.


Dynamic simulation design;
Finite element analysis to ensure the unit strength;
The calculation of simulation life of the wheel hub unit;
Participated in the formulation of the national standard JB/T 10238-2011 Auto wheel hub bearing unit.

Quality Comparison between the New vika Hub Assembly and Other Products:


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