vika DPA 2016 Shanghai Frankfurt Auto Exhibition Ended with Success

vika DPA 2016 Shanghai Frankfurt Auto Exhibition Ended with Success

From November 30 to December 3, 2016, the 4-day Shanghai Frankfurt Auto Exhibition has been rounded off. Again, vika DPA brand would like to thank you for your presence. Exhibition this year, a total of 5756 exhibitors from 39 countries and regions, and increased by 8% than the previous, exhibition area of 312000 square meters, increased by 5% than last year, attracted 143 countries and regions of 120000 professional audiences to visit, increased by 9% than the last. The 2016 Frankfurt Exhibition undoubtedly showed the great dynamism of the automotive aftermarket.

vika DPA, as the leader and expert in the global automotive aftermarket, has made brilliant achievements, especially in new product innovation. In the 2016 Shanghai Frankfurt Auto Exhibition, vika DPA showed its new technologies, new products and high-quality services in Booth E134, Hall 2. On the first day, the vika DPA booth attracted a large number of professionals to come and visit, which made the booth as crowded as a marketplace.

In the booth site, covering part systems, chassis systems, electrical systems and engine systems of vika DPA were exhibited.

Covering Part Systems – New Technology

Electrical Systems – New Superior to OE

Engine Systems – New Products

Chassis Systems – New Easily vika


In the evening of November 30th, all domestic and foreign partners gathered at the vika DPA booth of E134 in Hall 2 to attend the dinner party prepared by Tantivy.


With vintage wine in luminous glasses, it is not wine that gets people drunk, but they drank themselves. At that moment, all partners of vika DPA were immersed in the Shanghai Beach under the blurred night.



Once again, we deeply appreciated the presence of all the partners. Vika DPA will meet you again in the 2017 Shanghai Frankfurt Auto Exhibition.

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