Clothing Donation for Charity Is Completed

Clothing Donation for Charity Is Completed
As an enterprise with strong sense of CSR, Tantivy has always been dedicated to charity efforts. In the middle of August, Tantivy organized an activity within the company to donate clothing for charity. In this event, Tantivy encouraged its employees to donate clothing or books they don’t need to people who need them.
For this activity, we have contacted the regular donation recipient points in Sun Village of Beijing and Jiangqiao Town of Shanghai to inquire about items of attention. At the same time, we promoted the charity event via WeChat account and employee conference to advertise it and call upon people to donate things and help others.
On August 17-22, we received 282 pieces of clean clothing, books and toys, etc. from colleagues in Shanghai and Beijing. On August 24, 5 volunteers from Beijing came to Sun Village in Zhaoqianying Town of Shunyi District of Beijing. The Principal Zhao received us warmly and took us to visit the Sun Village. They learned daily life of children there and donated the items they have collected to convey love of Tantivy
On August 30, Shanghai Tantivy volunteers went to the donation recipient point in Jiangqiao Town of Shanghai to donate the items. Principal in the point expressed thanks and introduced to them the relief target and distribution of donations in the point.
The donation produced great effect within the company, gaining praise and recognition from company leaders and colleagues while improving corporate cognition. By participating in the donation, the volunteers fully understood the importance of charity efforts and voiced their willingness to carry on the event in the future.


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