ShangHai Facility Launch Operation

May 18, 2015, the day the Deloitte Shanghai Automotive Components Co., Ltd. officially opened operating platform. Shanghai TANTIVY an area of 80 acres and a building area of over 10,000 square meters, set product development, procurement, marketing, logistics and distribution as a whole, more than 50 million yuan investment, the saturation can reach daily operating capacity throughput 4 million yuan.


Given the expanding auto market after demand and long-term planning for the future and full confidence in their own ability and development prospects, TANTIVY decided to enable the new Shanghai operations platform. The company is committed to become a leading global supplier of automotive components and services, through the new operating platform, will further enhance the company’s overall competitiveness, and further enhanced to provide the ability to auto parts market a comprehensive solution for the company into the world’s top auto parts enterprises to lay a solid foundation.
The new platform and strive to build a modern operating system, regardless of hardware or software support, have adopted the current auto distribution industry’s most advanced technology. Put into operation the new platform will not only effectively address the current logistics center in Beijing store goods, reprocessing lack of capacity, but will also enhance the domestic and international markets products supply capacity and improve the efficiency of logistics and distribution, so as to further enhance customer satisfaction.
TANTIVY formal operation in Shanghai on the occasion, the company’s leadership said: to enable the new operating platform, we will quickly achieve enhance product development and supply capacity, improve efficiency and accuracy of logistics operations, reduce logistics costs and create greater value for customers . Considering the strategic position Shanghai operations platform, we will spare no effort to continue to invest resources TANTIVY Shanghai, making it a day of Deloitte’s talent base, product research and development base and logistics base.

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