What are the functions of shock absorber?

The shock absorber is placed inside a suspension spring, which is typically connected to the carriage and the wheel carrier. There are two common methods for buffering the sliding movement of one axle cylinder in another. One method is called hydraulic damping, in which special hydraulic oil is used. The other method is called pneumatic shock absorption, in which pressurized nitrogen is used.

The movement of shock absorber is bi-directional: When the car wheels sink due to load or braking, the shock absorber will be pressurized. When the car resumes its original load, the shock absorber will be depressurized. In the course of pressurization, the lower pressure pipe connecting the wheels rises and pushes the piston into another axle cylinder connected with the carriage. The piston has a standard small hole on which an oil pressure nozzle is installed. The lubricating oil passes through the oil pressure nozzle to damp rise of the shock absorber. In an opposite process, the wheels return to their original position under the pressure of the suspension spring.

Pneumatic shock absorption is different from hydraulic damping in that one end of the pneumatic shock absorber is equipped with a pressurized nitrogen tank, with a pressure level of about 25×105 Pa. Nitrogen can be compressed for pressure regulation. The advantage of this method is that nitrogen can prevent emulsification of old hydraulic shock absorber when the piston moves too fast.

What are the functions of shock absorber?
What are the functions of shock absorber?

Name: shock absorber/front/air pressure

Ref No. : 7H0413031N/7H0413031L

Product system: chassis

Brand: vika

Applicable models:

VW: CAMP04-15/TR03-15

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