What is the five components of a wheel hub?

The five components of a wheel hub include rim, spoke, offset, rim and groove bottom. The rim is matched with the tire assembly to support the wheel part of the tire. The spoke is connected to the axle hub to support the wheel part of the rim.

The offset refers to the distance between the center surface of the rim and the installation surface of the spoke, which can be positive, zero, or negative. The rim is the hub component that maintains and supports the direction of the tire. The bead seat, also known as the mounting surface, contacts the tire bead and supports the rim component that maintains the radial direction of the tire. The groove bottom is a pit with a certain depth and width left on the rim for facilitating tire assembly and disassembly. The valve hole is a hole for mounting the tire valve.

Wheel hub is the rotating part of wheel core connected by a column to the inner wheel steel of a tire. It is the metal part that supports the center of the tire and is mounted on the shaft. It is also called rim, steel rim, or tire bell. Hubs can be grouped into many categories based on their diameter, width, forming method and material. A wheel hub involves many parameters, and every parameter may affect operation of the car. Therefore, these parameters must be confirmed before refitting and maintaining the wheel hub.

What is the five components of a wheel hub?
What is the five components of a wheel hub?

Name: hub unit/rear

Ref No. : 6Q0598611/6QD598611

Product system: chassis

Brand: vika

Applicable models:

Skoda: FAB00-15/FABI09-14

VW: FO05-12/FOA04-10/PO02-18/POCC04-09/POS04-06

Audi: CO03-09/IB02-17

Seat: A1 11-18/A2 00-05

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