What are the types of steering gears in the market?

Depending on energy transmission media, power steering gears can be grouped into two types: pneumatic and hydraulic. A pneumatic power steering gear should not be used for trucks with very heavy load, because the working pressure of such system is relatively low (typically not higher than 0.7 MPa), and its component size is too large for heavy trucks. By contrast, the working pressure of a hydraulic power steering gear can be as high as more than 10 MPa, and its components are consequently small in size. A hydraulic system is noiseless during operation, and features short operation lag time and absorption of impact from uneven roads. Therefore, hydraulic power steering gears have been widely used in all kinds of automobiles.

Depending specific arrangement and connection between mechanical steering gear, steering power cylinder, and steering control valve in the steering system, hydraulic power steering devices can be divided into three structural types: integral type (mechanical steering gear, steering power cylinder and steering control valve are designed as a whole), combined type (mechanical steering gear and steering control valve are built together, and the steering power cylinder is independent), and split type (mechanical steering gear is independent, and steering control valve and steering power cylinder are built together).

What are the types of steering gears in the market?
What are the types of steering gears in the market?

Name: steering gear assembly/with pull rod

Ref No. : 6R1423055D

Product system: chassis

Brand: vika

Applicable models:

Skoda: RAP13-

VW: PO10-14

Audi: IB09-15

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