Causes of common failures of electronic fuel pump

Causes of common failures of electronic fuel pump:

1. Low quality fuel and long time required for replacement of gasoline filter
Low quality fuel can result in large amounts of impurities in the fuel tank, which may easily lead to blocking of the fuel pump, difficult fuel pumping, and failures due to heavy-load operation for long.

2. Drives with a low level of fuel for long
As gasoline is involved in cooling process of the fuel pump, drives with a low level of fuel for long will prevent the fuel pump from being adequately cooled and consequently lead to a shorter service life.

3. Always filling up the car
If the car is used in urban areas with good access to gasoline most of the time, it is not necessary to always fill it up. Because this may cause the fuel float and sensor to fail, or in serious cases incorrect reading of the fuel gauge and higher fuel consumption.

Advantages of vika electronic fuel pump:

1. EMI resistance: Electronic fuel pumps are subject to disturbance caused by onboard electronic devices during operation. The electronic fuel pump of vika is integrated with an IFA-suppressing electronic part that helps eliminate such disturbance.

2. High operation pressure of the cut-off valve: The closing pressure of the valve is typically as high as 660 kpa~800 kpa as opposed to the general pressure range of 450 kpa~600 kpa of original Bosch valves.

3. Addition of an innovative projection refueling function: This function maintains full level of the fuel in the fuel pump shell, thus avoiding failed fuel pumping due to insufficient fuel and pressure. By cooling the pump core all the time, it helps extend its service life effectively!

Causes of common failures of electronic fuel pump
Causes of common failures of electronic fuel pump

Name: electronic fuel pump assembly

Ref No. : 6Q0919051F

Product system: electrical device

Brand: vika

Applicable models:

Skoda: FAB05-10/FABI09-14

VW: PO02-10/POS04-06/POCC04-09

Audi: CO03-09/IB02-10

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