The method of troubleshooting steering gear

Steering gear troubleshooting method:

Check if the oil level of the hydraulic oil tank is too low and if air is present in the oil. If the oil level is too low, replenish the hydraulic oil to allow it to reach the height indicated by the oil dipstick. If air is present in the hydraulic oil, carefully check for signs of broken or cracked oil inlet pipe of the hydraulic oil pump or loose joint. After the failure is eliminated, the air in the hydraulic oil should be drained completely.

Check if the filter element in the oil tank is broken or damaged. In the case of damage, replace it with a new filter element. Clean it if it is dirty.

Check for normal oil flow of the oil pump and normal function of the safety adjustment valve through the following steps:

Install pressure meter C with a range of 150 bar and valve D on the high-pressure oil pipes of the steering oil pump and the steering gear. Open the valve. Start the engine and run it in idle state. Turn off the pressure meter briefly for about 5 seconds (this time should not be long so as not to damage the oil pump due to overheat), and observe the reading of the meter. If the pressure reading rises to 130 bar and then stays at this level, the steering hydraulic pump is working normally. If it rises above 130 bar, the safety valve is inaccurate and should be adjusted to 130 bar. If the pressure reading fails to reach 130 bar, the steering hydraulic pump has been severely worn and internal leakage has occurred. The flow regulating valve and the safety valve should be readjusted. If the problem can’t be fixed by means of adjustment, the steering hydraulic pump should be replaced.

Check for proper function of the slide valve. If it can’t be completely closely due to an excessive clearance, the steering screw and the slide valve should be replaced with new ones.

Check for adequate sealing effect of the sealing ring on the booster piston and the intermediate sealing ring in the radial ring groove of the valve chamber body. Replace them with new parts if necessary. Also remember to check the cylinder surface for damage.

Check if the valve ball and valve seat of the check valve are well sealed. If the valve cannot be closed tightly due to presence of dirt, it should be cleaned thoroughly. If this problem results from the valve body itself, it should be replaced with a new one.

Check use and lubrication conditions of the ball stud of the horizontal tie rod. If it has worn severely, it should be replaced.

Check the lubrication conditions of the steering knuckle kingpin and bushing. Inadequate lubrication can lead to corrosion and consequently steering difficulty.

The method of troubleshooting steering gear
The method of troubleshooting steering gear

Name: steering gear body/with dustcover/with clip kit

Ref No. : 6Q1423055BL

Product system: chassis

Brand: vika

Applicable models:

Skoda: FAB05-15/RO06-15

VW: FOA04-10/PO02-10/POCC08-09

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