Is it necessary to replace a 03L103469S valve chamber cover?

A 03L103469S valve chamber cover should be replaced in the following circumstances:

1. Aging of the valve chamber cover leads to poor sealing and consequent oil leakage through the valve chamber cover;

2. Higher pressure in the crankcase due to blocked forced ventilation valve results in depressurization via the valve chamber cover pad or other vulnerable parts and consequent oil leakage;

3. Over 90% cases of oil leakage through the valve chamber cover pad are caused by oil seal corrosion and aging. As the leaking oil flows into the ignition plug, the plug will contain a certain amount of oil.

03L103469S valve chamber cover
03L103469S valve chamber cover

Name: valve chamber cover

Ref No. : 03L103469S

Product system: engine

Brand: vika

Applicable models:

Skoda: KAR 18-/KOD 17-/KODR 18-/OCT 13-17;18-/RAP 13-/SUP 15-/YET 14-18

VW: ART 17-/BE 12-19/BEC 13-19/CA 16-/CC 12-17/GOC 12-16/GOLF 13-17;17-/GOSV 14-/JE 15-18/PA 13-15;16-/SCI 15-18/SHA 16-/TIG 12-18/TIGL 18-/TOU 16-

Seat: A1 15-18/A3 13-16;17-/A3CA 15-16;17-/A4 13-15;16-/A4AR 10-16/A4Q 13-15;16-/A5CA 12-17;17-/A5CO 12-16;17-/A6 11-18;19-/A6Q 11-18;19-/AQ2 17-/AQ3 15-18;19-/AQ5 13-17/ATT 15-

Audi: AL 16-/AT 16-/LE 13-16;17-/TO 13-15;16-19

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