symptoms of water shortage in a vika automobile radiator

1. In the case of water shortage in a vika automobile radiator, a corresponding indicator light on the dashboard will go on to alert the driver. After the engine hood is opened, a cooling water expansion tank can be found. This tank is marked with a lower limit line and a higher limit line. If the water drops below the lower limit line, it is insufficient.

2. A water-cooled engine is used on modern cars, and surplus heat is taken away by circulating coolant. The coolant used for a water-cooled engine is of anti-freezing type, commonly known as the antifreeze. It prevents freezing in cold winter days. Once frozen, water will expand and may consequently damage the cooling system.

3. If the coolant is insufficient during use of the car, the engine may become too hot, resulting in cylinder scoring or bushing erosion. In the case of insufficient coolant, stop the car and open the engine hood for heat dissipation.

4. If tap water is used to replenish the coolant, the minerals in the tap water may form scale after heating, which can block the engine cooling system.

5. If water is used temporarily in place the coolant, distilled water must be adopted, and the coolant should be replaced at regular intervals. This is because impurities will be generated in the coolant after long use. During routine maintenance, the freezing point of the coolant can be measured. If any freezing is found, it should be replaced immediately.

symptoms of water shortage in a vika automobile radiator
symptoms of water shortage in a vika automobile radiator

Name: water radiator/expansion tube

Ref No. : 1K0121251DM/3C0121253AL/1K0121251N/

Product system: engine

Brand: vika

Applicable models:

Skoda: OCT04-08;09-/SUP08-/YET10-

VW: CA11-/CC12-/EOS09-/GO04-/JE06-/PA09-/SCI09-/TOU06-

Seat: A3 08-/ATT11-

Audi: ALT04-06;07-10;11-13;14-/LE06-10;11-13

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