What is air shock absorber? – SEAT spare parts

1. Air shock absorber is also known as adaptive damping shock absorber. It is used to reduce spring movement through a damping process. The shock absorber decreases vibration amplitude by converting kinetic energy of suspension into thermal energy.

2. The shock absorber can be regarded as an oil pump placed between the vehicle frame and wheels, with its upper support connected to the frame and lower support connected to the axle. The most common shock absorber has an upper support connected to a piston rod, which in turns joins a piston. The piston is located in a cylinder filled with hydraulic oil.

3. During drives on bumpy roads, the energy of the moving spring is transmitted via the upper support to the shock absorber and then to the piston. Hydraulic oil will seep through the holes on the piston during its movement, thus slowing down the piston and consequently the spring.

What is air shock absorber? - SEAT spare parts
What is air shock absorber? – SEAT spare parts

Name: air shock absorber assembly

Ref No. : 4H0616039AP

Product system: chassis

Brand: vika

Applicable models:

Seat: A8 10-17/A8Q10-17

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