What is the purpose of the lower control arm on a car?

The purpose of the lower control arm:

1. As a guiding and load transmission component of the automotive suspension system, the control arm transmits various loads on the wheels to the vehicle body while maintaining a proper movement trajectory of the wheels. With the aid of a spherical hinge or a bushing, the control arm joins the wheels and the vehicle body flexibly. The control arm (including the bushing and the ball head connected to it) should provide sufficient rigidity, strength, and service life;

2. The suspension system is a complete supporting system consisting of springs and shock absorbers between the vehicle body and the tyres. The suspension system is intended to support the vehicle and improve riding comfort. The driving experiences may vary among different suspension configurations;

3. The seemingly simple suspension system transmits various types of force. It has a direct bearing on automobile stability, comfort, and safety, and is therefore a very critical component on modern cars.

What is the purpose of the lower control arm on a car?
What is the purpose of the lower control arm on a car?

Name: control arm assembly/front right/big end

Ref No. : 8K0407694S

Product system: chassis

Brand: vika

Applicable models:

Seat: A4 08-12/A4AR10-16/A4Q08-12/A5CA10-11/A5CO08-11/AQ5 09-12/RS5 10-16

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