How to deal with a broken 03G121065AC coolant pipe?

If the 03G121065AC coolant pipe is only slightly damaged, apply a layer of soap first, and then wrap up the broken part with tape and tie it up with a wire or thin rope as a way of emergent repair. Next, you should drive the car to the nearest maintenance site or 4S shop for repair or replacement in time. If the pipe is damaged seriously and beyond repair, you should call road rescue service.

If the cooling system of the car is blocked due to excessive dirt, oil, or scale, the coolant circulation will be impeded, causing the coolant to become too hot and damage the pipe. In the case of a broken coolant pipe, loss of coolant can result in high temperature detrimental to the engine. Hence, the car should not be used until the problem is fixed.

A broken heat dissipation water pipe will reduce the water volume in the radiator. It is necessary to check water level of the radiator regularly, as water shortage suggests leakage somewhere in the system. Water pipes should be inspected carefully. Water trace may exist if a pipe is slightly damaged, and water drops may be found in serious cases. Water pipe breaking often occurs at the water pipe connectors. For connectors hidden from sight, touch them with a hand or check their conditions with a reflective mirror to determine presence of any water trace.

How to deal with a broken 03G121065AC coolant pipe?
How to deal with a broken 03G121065AC coolant pipe?

Name: coolant pipe/plastic changed to iron

Ref No. : 03G121065AC

Product system: engine

Applicable models:

Skoda: FAB 07-10/OCT 04-08;09-13/RO 06-10/SUP 08-13;1.9L,BLS/2.0L,BMM,BMP

VW: CA 04-11/EOS 06-08/GOLF 06-09/GOPL 05-09/IMD 90-08/JE 06-11/PA 06-11/PO 05-10/TOU 06-10;1.9L,BLS,BSU,BXJ,BMT/2.0L,BMM,BVB,CBKA,CBHA,CBJB,CBJA,BVD,BMP,CHWA

Seat: A3 04-13/A3CA 08-13;1.9L,BLS/2.0L,BMM

Audi: ALT 07-10;11-13/CO 06-09/IB 06-10;09-11/LE 06-10;1.9L,BLS,BMT,BXJ/2.0L,BMM

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