Attention points during 6Y1941015H headlight repair

1. During replacement of 6Y1941015H headlight bulbs, the original model specified by the car manufacturer or a headlight bulb model with a similar power should be used. For example, in order to replace H4 or vacuum bulbs, a 55W/60W H4 model or a 75W/75W vacuum model should be used. Remember to replace a left bulb and right bulb at the same time to prevent circuit overload.

2. A battery with insufficient power must be recharged to resume its normal power.

3. If a headlight appears red, the bond straps, lines, and different connection points of the headlight should be inspected carefully, along with the battery and generator lines. It may be also necessary to thoroughly repair every contact with rust, erosion, or bonding of relevant relays and switches.

4. If the reflection mirror of a headlight becomes dim, pitted, or corroded, or if the coating of the mirror has stripped off, the headlight should be replaced.

Attention points during 6Y1941015H headlight repair
Attention points during 6Y1941015H headlight repair

Name headlight/left/silver frame

Ref No. : 6Y1941015H

Product system: panel

Brand: DPA

Applicable models:

Skoda: FAB00-04

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