What are consequences of deformation of the steering knuckle?

Deformation of the steering knuckle on a car can cause the steering wheel to jitter during drives.

The steering knuckle is designed to bear and transmit load in the frontal part of the car. By supporting the front wheels and driving their rotation around the wheel pin, it enables turning of the car. While on the road, it is subject to varying impact load. High strength is therefore required to ensure normal function. Symptoms of a bent steering knuckle arm include the following:

1. Deformation of steering knuckle arm
The deformation may result from insufficient lubrication or damage of the steering knuckle thrust bearing, or from too small gap between the steering knuckle pin and the bushing or lack of lubrication. A deformed front axle or car frame can cause misalignment of front wheels;

2. Insufficient tyre pressure
Possible reasons for insufficient tyre pressure include too tight steering gear bearing assembly, too small transmission pair backlash, too tight assembly of ball head pin for horizontal or straight connection rod, and lack of lubrication at joints.

3. Bent steering shaft or pipe
The possible reasons include friction, jamming, poorly lubricated steering gear, and improper adjustment of toe-in.

What are consequences of deformation of the steering knuckle?
What are consequences of deformation of the steering knuckle?

Name: steering knuckle/front left

Ref No. : 6Q0407255AC/6QD407255

Product system: chassis

Brand: vika

Applicable models:

Skoda: FAB00-/FABI09-14/RAP13-/RO06-15

VW: FO05-12/PO02-15/POCC08-09/POS04-06/SU11-14

Seat: A1 11-18/A2 00-05

Audi: CO03-09/IB02-17/TO13-19

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