03C121004J-Water pump

Name:Water pump Reference OE NO:03C121004J 03C121004J Information: Operating Mode:Electrically Controlled Operating Mode:Mechanical Pulleys:with v-ribbed belt pulley Supplementary Article/Info 2:with water pump seal Water Pump Type:for v-ribbed belt use   03C121004J Applicable models: SKODA: FABIA:10-14 VW: BEETLE:11-/CC:11-16/GOLF:05-16/JETTA:06-/PASSAT:12-14/POLO:10-/TIGUAN:07-/TOURAN:06-15 AUDI: A1:11- SEAT: IBIZA:09-   03C121004J Introduction: 1 The bearing is ball-pole style, hardness degree reaches 0.8-1.5mm in HF heating process, and it can bear bigger radial force and tenacity. The grease is ESSO UNIREX N3. 2 High quality ceramics seal Al2O3 prevent water leakage and reduce noise. 3. Impeller material is PPS+GF, with better kinetic balance and hard to distort or fall off. 4. Pump housing material is ACD12 aluminum, with high density … Read more…

06H115105AN-Oil Pump

06H115105AN information: Name:Oil Pump Reference OE NO:06H115105AN Brand:vika auto parts 06H115105AN Applicable models: SKODA:OCT13-/ VW:GOLF13-/SCI15- SEAT:LE13-/A1 15-/A3 13-/A3CA15-/A4 13-15/A4AR10-16/A4Q13-15/A5CA12-   06H115105AN advantages: 1. Nitial design: Oil pump rotor stress analysis—Oil valve core stress analysis —Ansys fluid analysis—Ansys pump flow path analysis 2.Qualified with excellent airtightness and high resistance to oil, solvent, fire, chemical and weathering; 3.OE manufacturer for BYD, Chery, Geely… 4.Warranty time: 2 years!    

03L115389H-Oil filter for Skoda VW AUDI

Name:Oil filter Reference NO:03L115389H Applicable models: SKODA : FABIA:10-14/RAPID:12-/SUPERB:07-15/YETI:09-17 VW: BEETLE:11-/CADDY:10-/CC:11-16/GOLF:10-/PASSAT:08-14/JETTA:10-14/TIGUAN:07-/TRANSPOR:09- AUDI: Q3:11-   We offer car spare parts at the lowest price! We have 17 years of experience in the auto parts industry, so be sure to buy from us with 100% confidence! From leading manufacturers to the automotive aftermarket, our products are brand new and of the highest quality. Please contact us through the service form: Service form:http://www.tantivy.com/?page_id=2194&lang=en  

06H103495AC|oil-gas separator | STO technical product surpassing OE

06H103495AC is a product that surpasses OE under the vika brand of Tantivy AUTOMOTIVE CO.LTD.The vika product engineers, backed by market information, user feedback, and world leading technologies, has developed through long and thorough researches the new STO technical product: oil-gas separator, which features improved performance, longer service life, and a higher safety level. Engine oil burning is one of the most common issues confronted during vehicle repairs. In general, vehicles equipped with a turbocharging system, due to intrinsic design flaws, tend to experience such phenomenon after 30 to 50 thousand kilometers of mileage on average. Issues like engine oil burning, oil leakage and excessive wear result in noise of the gas-oil separator … Read more…

1J0498099E for Skoda|VW|SEAT|AUDI auto parts

OE N0.:1J0498099E Name: c.v.joint outer Car models: SKODA:OCT01-11 VW:BE02-05/BO99-05/GO98-06 SEAT:LE00-01;02-06/TO99-01;02-04 AUDI:A3 97-03/ATT99-02 Advantage: 1.Spline and thread use the one-time synchronous processing, reduce the positioning error, improve the concentricity, avoid dithering phenomenon at work. 2. Spheres channel used fine grinding technique after finishing milling, improve the accuracy of the channel, reduce the wear between the spheres, reduce noise and increase the service life when using. 3. Product mid frequency induction heat treatment energy take dynamic monitoring, let the product heat treatment fluctuation difference controlled within the defined scope. 4. Online testing instrument full inspection, stability is strong, can ensure drive shaft flexibility. If flexibility is very tight, after installing, it will … Read more…

07K905715F/06F905115H-for skoda|VW|SEAT|AUDI auto parts

Core products OE N0.:07K905715F/06F905115H/06H905115B Name: Ignition coil Car models: SKODA:OCT04-08;09-13/SUP08-15/YET10-13;14- VW:AMA10-13/BE06-12/CAMP12-16/EOS09-11/GO04-16/JE06-15/PA06-15/SCI09-15/TIG08-11/TOU06-10/TR12-16 SEAT:AL11-15/ALT04-06;07-10;11-13;14-15/EX09-10/LE06-10;11-13/TO05-09 AUDI:A1 11-14/A3 04-13/A4 08-16/A5 10-12/A6 05-14/AQ3 12-15/AQ5 09-13/R8 07-12/ATT07-14/RS3 11-16/RS4 13-16/RS5 10-16/TTRS10-14 Ignition coil Advantage: 1. Using Elektrisola insulated wire. High temperature resistance 180 ℃. Service life is at least 240 hours. 2. Imported materials PPE from Japan. Electric strength: 33KV/mm. High temperature resistance 180 ℃. 3. Epoxy resin are 100% from Japan Kyocera epoxy resin, Good permeability, high insulation performance. Avoid resin cracking which can resulting in the ignition failure. 4.Enhance the product’s performance, higher stability.Guarantee the life of the product. 5. Using Momentive silicone, Pressure: 35000 V, Temperature: 280 degrees. 6. Quality guarantee, 24 Months Leave message:http://www.tantivy.com/?page_id=2194&lang=en

1J1422063P/1J1422061AN For volkswagen parts

OE N0.:1J1422063P/1J1422061AN/1J1422061AM/1J1422055BF Name: steering gear Car models: VW:BE99-10/BO02-05/GO98-06 Advantage: 1. Material:standard 45# steel 2. Techniques: machining operation (accurate grinding )-high frequency quenching -chrome-faced a. Roundness: 0.05, Parallelism: 0.01/100 b. Hardness:HRC51-56. c. Surface roughness: 0.05(Light clean face level) 3. Performance:Long use life, no oil leaking

OE N0:4G1837015/4G1837016E/4G0839015 for AUDI auto parts

OE N0.:4G1837015/4G1837016E/4G0839015/4G0839016 Name: door lock Car models: AUDI:A6 11-18/A6Q 11-18/A7 11-18/A8 10-17 Advantage: 1) The same micro motor and the touch switch as OE product; 2) Preventing the circuit board from oxidizing, to ensure the stability of current and signal transmission; 3) Reducing the failure rate of the products fundamentally, to extend the service life.

clutch set – for Skoda, Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT Auto Parts

1. What is a clutch ? The clutch consists of a pressure plate, a clutch plate, and a separate bearing. Some models also have a guide bearing on the flywheel. The clutch is mounted between the engine and the transmission and is an assembly directly associated with the engine in the automotive drive train. Typically, the clutch is mounted with the flywheel assembly of the engine crankshaft and is the component that cuts off and transmits power between the engine and the vehicle driveline. During the entire process from the start of the car to normal driving, the driver can operate the clutch as needed to temporarily disengage or gradually … Read more…

“Chasing Dreams for Fifteen Years and Now Starting from a New Point” 2019 Tantivy Annual Conference & 15th Anniversary Celebration Successfully Concluded

Bidding farewell to the Year of Dog and ushering in the Year of Pig, on February 1, 2019, Tantivy Automotive Co., Ltd. held its annual conference & 15th anniversary celebration in Shanghai. This grand event, a gathering of talents and elites, afforded all Tantivy people an opportunity to review the past and look into the future. Summaries on the work completed in 2018 were made by personnel from Tantivy marketing system, operating system, financial center, and HR and business development center during the conference. Annual, quarterly, and monthly plans for the year of 2019 were also elaborated, raising a picture of the next steps of Tanvity’s business and brand development. … Read more…

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