“Chasing Dreams for Fifteen Years and Now Starting from a New Point” 2019 Tantivy Annual Conference & 15th Anniversary Celebration Successfully Concluded

Bidding farewell to the Year of Dog and ushering in the Year of Pig, on February 1, 2019, Tantivy Automotive Co., Ltd. held its annual conference & 15th anniversary celebration in Shanghai. This grand event, a gathering of talents and elites, afforded all Tantivy people an opportunity to review the past and look into the future. Summaries on the work completed in 2018 were made by personnel from Tantivy marketing system, operating system, financial center, and HR and business development center during the conference. Annual, quarterly, and monthly plans for the year of 2019 were also elaborated, raising a picture of the next steps of Tanvity’s business and brand development. … Read more…

[Newly Upgraded] vika clutch set of reliable quality with a 24-month quality guarantee

The long-term researches on and analyses of the performance, materials and durability of clutches conducted by engineers of vika have resulted in the following discoveries: problems like incomplete separation, slipping, judder, noise and vibration of clutch prevail in most clutches sold in the current market. Based on these circumstances, engineers of vika have upgraded the raw materials, production processes and quality control in an all-round way, and launched a brand-new vika clutch set with a guarantee period of 24 months. The vika clutch set – premium quality with greater durability Raw Materials: Disk hub: we adopt 45# steel which is strictly in line with the industry standard of HRC25-32 and … Read more…

Clothing Donation for Charity Is Completed

Clothing Donation for Charity Is Completed As an enterprise with strong sense of CSR, Tantivy has always been dedicated to charity efforts. In the middle of August, Tantivy organized an activity within the company to donate clothing for charity. In this event, Tantivy encouraged its employees to donate clothing or books they don’t need to people who need them. For this activity, we have contacted the regular donation recipient points in Sun Village of Beijing and Jiangqiao Town of Shanghai to inquire about items of attention. At the same time, we promoted the charity event via WeChat account and employee conference to advertise it and call upon people to donate … Read more…

Social Networking Party Held and Entitled “Hope to Meet You on November 11”

Social Networking Party Held and Entitled “Hope to Meet You on November 11” After experiencing one-month planning and preparation and one-week promotion and registration, the Hope to Meet you November 11 Social Networking Party, hosted by Tantivy, was held in Beijing and Shanghai respectively on the afternoon of November 12. The event was designed to, in the freestyle, lively and romantic form, work as the matchmaker and platform for young people to find their future spouse. More than 70 participants from seven companies were seen in the event, which was heartwarming full of laughter, thus gaining praise from the young participants.

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